Love Wins Breakout Sessions – Single

In addition to all the great sessions, we also have breakouts! There are several opportunities for you to learn and grow.  Even though most of the titles say “Marriage,” know that God still has a word for you right where you are!  

Space is limited, so please be sure to click an option below and make your selection. 
*Note: “Break” is also an option

Breakout Session Descriptions

Overcoming Adversity:
How do you continue to glorify Christ when battling things like addiction, financial problems, chronic physical pain, blended families, and adultery, just to name a few. You are not alone. Learn from a couple who shares a similar story and gain tools to help equip you in your marriage and overcome adversity. 

Marriage & Business ROI:
What you put in and take care of spiritually in your marriage is what the outcome will be in your business. Learn vital wisdom on running a business with your spouse.

Brighter Marriage:

A great marriage is only possible through intentional and consistent “marriage maintenance.” Learn valuable keys to maintaining an even greater marriage.

Building Trust in Marriage:
Trust is built in drops and lost in buckets. Breaches and betrayals in your marriage can be restored in Jesus name. Learn about working through affair recovery.

Married in Ministry:
Serving/working in full time ministry brings about a unique set of challenges. Learn important tips on how to lay down your life for others while simultaneously taking care of your first ministry at home.